Looking for which direction to take your business? Most business leaders are. Now more than ever.

FACT: The biggest challenge a company faces comes from being successful...

then a sharp fall...

Then re-invention to become an amazing new version of the company it once was. Amazing new version.

But... what does that look like? Let's explore.


So you have made some adjustments. Cash flow is flowing again. But, recovery isn't here. Survival, yes. Recovery and Rebuilding... Not yet. Let's talk about that. Businesses go through stages after crisis. Mapping them out is critical as is understand where you are on the map. And, frankly the "new" way isn't what the "old" way was. It's far different... so don't try to go back. Go forward. Think about it that way. Go forward!


Operational resiliance. How do you build it? And where does the framework come from now that you have changed the environment you exist in? The chess board has turned and you must now work from another perspective. Gain quick alignment internally (is there an internally anymore?) and move quickly to adjust supply/service chain and customer experience. Lots to do in this new space. Get there.

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Accelerate digital adoption. Update work environment. Create an agile workforce that has maximum communication and doesn't depend on walking down a hall to visit employees and see leadership. It doesn't matter how many employees you "had" as you now have "co-workers" as well... Kids, pets, and other family members in your workflow. There are new ways and we can make the most of these.